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GSS's associate geologist and colleague, Mike Simmons of Halliburton, has a new illustrated book published called "Great Geologists". It's a series of concise portraits of 35 geological greats from Nicolas Steno to Maureen Raymo, with such luminaries in between as James Hutton, William Buckland, Alcide d'Orbigny, Eduard Suess, Arthur Holmes, Marie Tharp and Peter Vail.

The book concentrates on their geological careers and the concepts and discoveries for which they were famous and has influenced our science to get to "where we are now". It's very readable and perfect for the remaining winter nights!

It's published in paperback format (141 pages) and as an e-book. There's a link to the e-book below but for a free copy of the paperback, please contact Mike directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. They are available while stocks last.…/0172709001539012700…