GSS Geoscience Ltd works with the generation and interpretation of paleontological data and its practical applications - through biostratigraphy - to the hydrocarbon exploration and production industry. We offer a full range of services from initial sample analysis and, through the interpretation phase, into direct applications to exploration & production such as sequence stratigraphy. We also provide full consulting services and also have extensive experience to data management.

A false colour image of a benthic foraminifera.


Analytical Services


Our services include analysis of cuttings, core, sidewall core and outcrop samples for micropaleontology and, with associates, nannopaleontology and palynology. Qualitative, semi-quantitative and fully quantitative analysis can be undertaken at client's request, with full databasing and reporting.

Reporting includes a biostratigraphic breakdown based on age-diagnostic taxa using published standard zonation schemes or clients' own proprietary zonation schemes. A sequence stratigraphic breakdown (i.e. identification of significant sequence surfaces and systems tracts) is also provided where fully quantitative analysis has been performed.

Paleoenvironmental determination is also included.




Consulting projects include data review and updates, database management and all other issues concerning the use of paleontological data in E&P operations.

Work can be undertaken in GSS Geoscience's premises, client's offices or other locations.